Where Our Name Comes From


Italians use the word via to name their streets and roads. For example, Dr. Giannone-Hosig's mother grew up on Via Vittorio Veneto. People "grow up" and travel on many roads, but we believe that the main street of our lives is the road we all build together. Struggle, dreams, passion, hope: these human qualities, influenced by arts and culture, represent our main street: Via Arts. 

Be it theatre, dance, music, creative writing, storytelling, painting, culinary arts, or a yet to be discovered medium, the arts awaken our creative spirits and imaginative minds. The “inhabitants” of Via Arts believe artistic processes allow us to craft the intricate maps of our lives. We are certain that the basic principles of each art form are the best survival tools for navigating life's rocky terrains and sharp curves; we know this because we consistently use the tools of our art forms to forge our own paths. We here at Via Arts believe it is our social imperative to share our creative survival tools with people who, like us, continue to traverse their paths toward a greater understanding of humanity. Throughout our careers we have witnessed many youth and adults experience various forms of the arts or art-making. Our firsthand experiences prove that these are the people who are more adept at “reading” and critically examining texts and images like those produced by the media. Integration of the arts creates innovators who have the confidence to step outside their comfort zones and make a positive impact on their own lives and the lives of others. Furthermore, as people engage in the arts they develop compassion through interpersonal experiences, hands-on learning, reflection, and opportunities to connect with others. The arts ignite the kind of fires in our souls that lead us to trail blaze our chosen paths and revolt against the injustices that design our roadblocks. Via Arts strives to build these experiences with and for our community partners.