Professional Development

Via Arts Professional Development workshops combine our understanding of the arts with your expertise in order to create a truly unique experience. Whether you are an educator, community organizer, or small business, our workshops are customized to enhance creative thinking and teamwork for all involved. These programs offer innovative approaches to artistic skill-building, academic standards, learning outcomes, and job duties. We'll craft programs that train your new employees or share techniques aimed at refreshing the practice of career professionals. Our PD offerings include:

  • Arts Integration workshops or residencies
  • Lesson modeling 
  • Ongoing peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Interactive Social Justice Trainings and Presentations
  • Performance skills training
  • Public speaking & communication 
  • Ensemble & team building strategies
  • Follow-up visits, emails, video or phone calls.

Community & Civic Engagement

A 2002 study by the National Endowment of the Arts found that "arts participants are measurably different than non-arts participants - more active, more involved, and more socially engaged" (click here for source). Our community and civic engagement projects promote a high quality of life in our communities and explore theories and practices that inspire people to become active and caring citizens. We collaborate with civic leaders and community members to express their individual and group identities, concerns, and aspirations through the arts while building the capacity for social action and contributing to social transformation and social justice. Projects include:

  • YWCA STRIVE Program: Girls in the Middle
  • The Abolition Movement In Farmington, CT: A Community-based play project
  • Replay: Conflict Resolution Through Theatre
  • Changemakers: Social Justice Through Theatre


Program Design, Facilitation, and Consultation

Are you interested in implementing the arts in your community? Have an idea but not sure where to start? We can utilize our extensive educational background to assist you in building a program. Through one on one consultation we will work with you to build, recruit, and implement a full program with an integrated curriculum and benchmarks for success! 


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