Liberation Series: History by Amani Richardson

Note from Kristianna: At a recent workshop we led a group of young community organizers through a guided writing exercise. The Liberation Series is the result of their passion and creativity. Enjoy.

History By Amani Richardson

My History is deeply rooted. No one I really know feels connected. I want to learn more, but whom/where can I find exactly what I’m looking for? 
This is critical for the Black community.

Deep. It looks strong. It looks challenging, with a bunch of knots.
It smells fresh, but also spoiled.
It has a new book smell, but also the smell of raw eggs.

It feels engraved with so many names and dates. It feels ready. It feels ran over with footprints and tire streaks. It feels bruised but also smooth because of the lack of care and touching of the books.

It tastes bloody. It tastes like grapefruit. It tastes like very strong mouthwash. But- It also tastes like red grapes.

It sounds like chains dangling.
It sounds like calls for help.
It sounds like hymns in unison with one another.
It sounds like birds chirping in the cold winter day.

Why can’t you teach me?
Why won’t you help me learn along the way?
Why can’t you be alive and here today to express your thoughts with me.
Why can’t you help me fight this fight?

I can’t do this alone.
I want to learn you.
But, I don’t want to learn you alone.
I want to learn you together with my people who care too.

Why don’t our own people care?
Why are you constantly trying to be erased?
I love you.
I need you.
I want to share you.
But, I want you all to myself.


Come alive!
Show me your paths.
Show me your beginnings.
Show me the truth.
Speak to me forever
And never leave.