What I Learned from ESPN STEAMfest

  1. I love my my job!

  2. It never hurts to start from the basics

  3. People know the arts are important- they are just scared to jump in.

  4. Some people have been taught that the arts are just for "those people"

  5. No matter your job STORYTELLING is at the core of the human experience

Being surrounded by hundreds of kids and many brilliant minds- I think it is abundantly clear that being able to tell a story is important. That's what theatre and the arts teach us to do. Whether we make it up, witness it, or discover it the only way we share what we do with the person sitting next to us it through stories.

So we need the arts!

Let the arts tell the story of elements bonding into molecules.

Let the arts show us the big win!

Let the arts open our imagination so we can build anything.

Let the arts be a part of your life.




Am I Educating? : A Self-Checklist

Experienced or new there are a lot of obstacles for educators to navigate. After 10 years as an educator, these are the top 5 things I seek to balance in my craft and the questions I ask myself.


1. Creating a Learning Environment vs. Managing Behavior

            Are my students learning their material or following my orders?

2. Listening vs. Reacting

            Am I paying attention to my students needs or am I responding because I’m upset?

3. Engaging vs. Performing

            I’ve planned an awesome lesson! Am I just doing it by rote- or am I making sure they are with me?

4. Moving Forward vs. Stepping Away

            There’s a conflict in my classroom am I engaging and disengaging at the right time? Am I escalating bad behavior or pushing a student through a struggle?

5. Career vs. A Gig

            I’m an educator. Am I in this all the way- or am I just treading water?