Am I Educating? : A Self-Checklist

Experienced or new there are a lot of obstacles for educators to navigate. After 10 years as an educator, these are the top 5 things I seek to balance in my craft and the questions I ask myself.


1. Creating a Learning Environment vs. Managing Behavior

            Are my students learning their material or following my orders?

2. Listening vs. Reacting

            Am I paying attention to my students needs or am I responding because I’m upset?

3. Engaging vs. Performing

            I’ve planned an awesome lesson! Am I just doing it by rote- or am I making sure they are with me?

4. Moving Forward vs. Stepping Away

            There’s a conflict in my classroom am I engaging and disengaging at the right time? Am I escalating bad behavior or pushing a student through a struggle?

5. Career vs. A Gig

            I’m an educator. Am I in this all the way- or am I just treading water?