A Toast to New Adventures!

Hello All,


As Enza’s friend and partner I am so excited for her and her family as they endeavor on the next part of their journey.


When Enza and I first started talks of Via Arts, we told one another that this would be a company that valued family, not just in rhetoric but in action. This is just a fulfillment of that commitment. Luckily, VA is close by and 2015 has made a world of technology so that working together will be simple for the two of us.


Not only that, but we have already started to recruit new artists to work with us here in CT as we unveil some new programs for the fall.


Via Arts might be young, but our work over the past few months has shown both Enza and I the need and the desire for arts in every walk of life. As we have ventured on in our Abolition Movement project we have seen the immediate and decisive impact community based theatre has had. Via Arts will continue to provide professional development, community engagement, and assessment- now both here in CT and beyond.


Enza and I have been hard at work for a fall programming so stay tuned!


But for now, please join me in celebrating Enza’s new adventure!


Congratulations my friend!