So What Do You Do Again?


Hello and Welcome to Via Arts!

My name is Kristianna Smith and I am a co-founder of Via Arts LLC. My first blog post will be brief- I just want to introduce myself and help answer the question that most of you reading are asking: so what do you do?

I can say that for the majority of my career, both academic and professional, this has been a constant question. I went to school for Theatre Education and was often asked, "So what will you do with that degree...teach theatre?" Luckily, in what has been some of the worst economic times for my generation, I have found myself gainfully employed in the exact field in which I studied. That's a true blessing.

So what do I do? I do a lot.

I play games with the kid that won't sit still and the kids that never speaks until they find a way to have a conversation with one another. I help give words to the students who only have raw emotion to communicate with and show those students how to channel those emotions into an image, a poem, or just a few words. I find a way to get rooms of educators (each with their very own mind, will, and purpose) to step back for a minute and approach a new problem from the lens of being a student who might not have it all figured out. I'm a facilitator asking the hard questions and waiting to listen to the solutions that are most realistic- not just the ones that sound the best. 

Life is difficult, complex, and intricate. It requires each of us to be present, prepared, and creative.

So what does Via Arts do?

Via Arts partners with community organizations to find creative ways to enhance what they already do through the arts. That could mean we help you put on a play. Or it could mean we come to the office and help your team in their oral presentation skills. We could come to your school and help expand your teachers' knowledge of arts integration. Or we can come to your town hall meeting and provide a more inclusive means of discussion and debate.

We want to take your experience and ours to create innovative partnerships focused on bettering our community. Via Arts.